Warehouse Consulting

Our specialist Project Team will:


  • Evaluate existing inbound and outbound operations

  • Determine operational constraints

  • Design long-term solutions based on best practice

  • Develop measurable targets/KPI’s

  • Formulate relevant documents to form the guidelines for implementation and maintenance of standards

  • Work consultatively with your current team of experts


Our analysis will include but will not be limited to the following:


  • Specialised Product Management

  • KPI’s

  • SOP’s

  • Statistical Data

  • Supply constraints

  • System and Technological Constraints

  • Throughputs & volumes

  • Inventory profiles

  • Truck & transport volumes

  • Fleet Optimisation

  • Operational Inefficiencies

  • Energy savings ideas in the existing facilities to save operational costs.

  • Update and where necessary recommend modifications to the existing KPI's

  • Structure of Current Operations team

  • Existing reporting systems

  • Technology

  • Effectiveness and User Capability